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St. Louis Plastic Surgery Practice

Richard L. Kofkoff - Board Certified Missouri Plastic Surgeon

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard L. Kofkoff and his experienced team would like to welcome you to our St. Louis, MO area cosmetic surgery practice. Our practice is unique in its focus which sets us apart from other practices. Here, we focus exclusively on plastic surgery that relates to the breasts and body. We believe that concentrating on specific areas of the body has allowed us to improve our surgical techniques and the results we are able to achieve for our patients.

We feel that it is important for you to learn as much as possible about the type of cosmetic surgery you are considering, and we invite you to get to know us and become a part of our team during your procedure. We believe that a well informed patient becomes a partner with our team as we work together to enhance your appearance.

Our Priority

Dr. Kofkoff prides himself on the confidence his patients place in him. It is important for him to establish a trusting relationship with each and every one of his patients in order to provide them with the personal attention he feels they deserve. Dr. Kofkoff's patients believe in him and know that everything he does is in their best interests. It is important that our patients feel comfortable with Dr. Kofkoff, our team, and the plastic surgery procedure they are considering.

Our plastic surgeon works diligently at creating a comfortable and lasting rapport with his patients. Honesty between doctor and patient is extremely important to Dr. Kofkoff, both as a person and as a successful cosmetic surgeon. For this reason, he carefully explains each of the advantages and disadvantages of the procedures his patient is considering. He will never pressure his patients into electing any procedure and encourages them to take time to consider their options.

If a patient decides to reconsider or cancel their procedure, there are no scheduling fees and a full refund is given. This non-threatening environment allows his patients to feel confident and safe when placing their health and future in Dr. Kofkoff's skilled and caring hands.

Our Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dr. Kofkoff may be best known for his Rapid Recovery technique . This is a much gentler approach to breast augmentation . During the pre-operative phase, the patient is given medication the day before the surgery. The procedure itself is a more meticulous and gentle process of placing the implant under the muscle. The result enables the patient to quickly return to non-strenuous activities and most patients return for their one week follow-up appointment with little or no bruising. This level of patient care and healing is of high concern to Dr. Kofkoff and is a priority before, during and after each of his procedures.

Thank you for considering our St. Louis plastic surgery practice. If you feel as though our philosophy and approach is right for you, please contact us for a personal consultation, call 800-924-9482 today.