Breast Augmentation Benefits

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Women who choose breast augmentation for breast enhancement enjoy many benefits. In addition to increased breast size, other St. Louis breast augmentation benefits include correcting issues such as asymmetry, slight sagging, and loss of volume or underdeveloped breasts.

Missouri breast surgeon Dr. Richard Kofkoff encourages women to schedule a confidential breast augmentation consultation with him to discuss the procedure. Your consultation is time set aside specifically for you to describe your goals for the procedure, ask all of your breast augmentation questions, and learn more about the benefits of breast augmentation in St. Louis.

Increased Self-Esteem and Confidence

There are many reasons women choose to have breast augmentation. Most women want to increase the size of their breasts while other women want to correct asymmetry or add a little lift to their breasts. Some women elect to have breast augmentation to restore volume to their breasts after weight loss or pregnancy.

No matter what reasons a woman has for choosing breast augmentation, all women appreciate the increased self-esteem and confidence that follows the procedure. Women who are happy with their appearance may become happier with other aspects of their lives. Improved confidence positively translates into the social and business aspects of life. Women who are confident tend to make opportunities happen and find additional fulfillment in their relationships and lives, in general.

Enhanced Overall Appearance

Breast augmentation surgery may improve a woman’s appearance in many ways. Breast augmentation aesthetically improves the body using breast implants to enhance the shape and size of the breasts. Rounder, fuller breasts enhance a woman’s natural curves giving her a shapelier, more contoured figure.

Greater Variety of Clothing Options

Women with smaller breasts notice that their clothing fits better after breast augmentation. Most clothing is designed for women with full breasts. Prior to breast augmentation surgery, your clothing may hang poorly or be too loose across the chest. Some styles may not be as flattering as it would be on a woman with fuller breasts.

Fuller breasts can make that little black dress more alluring and highlight the womanly hourglass shape that you have been wanting. Your clothing options may greatly expand and you may find yourself wearing more stylish designs thanks to that new-found confidence in your appearance.

Breast augmentation may be the perfect breast surgery procedure if you desire fuller, well-proportioned breasts. Please contact Missouri breast surgeon Dr. Kofkoff at his plastic surgery office to learn more about St. Louis breast augmentation benefits.