St. Louis Tummy Tuck Benefits

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Many people believe that a tummy tuck only removes excess, stretched skin. However, there are many more St. Louis tummy tuck benefits. Patients who elect to have a tummy tuck notice that, in addition to their appearance, their self-esteem also improves. This is because a tummy tuck sculpts the midsection and helps patients feel more comfortable and confident.

A Tummy Tuck Improves Appearance

A tummy tuck improves the appearance of the waistline for patients who have a protruding belly or excess skin due to weight loss or pregnancy. Often times, the stomach cannot repair itself in these situations and a tummy tuck is required to correct these issues.

Missouri plastic surgeon, Dr. Kofkoff uses the tummy tuck procedure to remove excess skin from the waistline, flatten the stomach, and tighten the abdominal muscles. Stretch marks that show below the navel are also removed adding to your improved appearance. Stretch marks that are above the navel are often reduced in appearance when the skin is pulled to smooth out the abdominal area at the close of the procedure.

A Tummy Tuck Removes Excess Skin and Fatty Deposits

Excess skin can be caused by pregnancy, weight loss, or age. During pregnancy, the skin is stretched and may not completely return to its same tight, smooth shape. Weight loss is great for your overall health, but may leave excess hanging skin that cannot be improved with diet and exercise. The skin also loses its elasticity as we age and can sag causing the waistline to look large.

A tummy tuck is used to remove the excess skin and smooth out the stomach. Your stomach will look flatter after your tummy tuck and will give you a more contoured shape. Additional flattening may be achieved in some patients by performing liposuction of the abdomen as part of the St. Louis tummy tuck procedure.

A Tummy Tuck Tightens the Abdominal Muscles

The abdominal muscles may separate down the center of the abdominal wall due to pregnancy or age. This separation can cause the stomach to protrude or look unattractive. Our Missouri plastic surgeon will tighten your abdominal muscles during your tummy tuck to make your midsection look tighter and firmer.

If you would like more information about the various St. Louis tummy tuck benefits, or you'd like to schedule a consultation with Missouri plastic surgeon Dr. Kofkoff, please contact his cosmetic surgery office today.