Breast Augmentation and Scarring

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Breast augmentation scarring and incision types | St. Louis, MOAs with most surgeries, a breast augmentation procedure requires incisions through which breast implants are placed. The incisions typically heal quickly and without problems. The initial color of the scars may be a dark pink, but will lighten significantly and become thinner over time. Dr. Kofkoff places the incisions where they are the least noticeable based on patient preference and anatomy.

The incision options for breast augmentation depend on the type of breast implant you wish to have, your specific anatomy and your personal preference. Dr. Kofkoff will explain your options and the benefits of each choice during your confidential breast augmentation consultation.

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Types of Incisions Used in Breast Augmentation

Dr. Kofkoff uses two types of incisions for breast augmentation:

The periareolar incision is placed around the areola where the dark color of the areola meets the lighter skin color of the breast. This incision gives Dr. Kofkoff access to the breast in order to make a precise pocket for the breast implant. The implant can be placed either above or behind the muscle through this incision. The breast implant is placed in the breast through the incision and the incision is then closed. The incision scar around the areola heals very well and is easily hidden where the pigment of the skin around the areola transitions into the darker pigment of the areola. The scar will lighten over time and typically produce an excellent result.

The inframammary incision is placed in the crease under the breast where the breast tissue meets the chest. This incision is ideal for silicone breast implants since the incision gives Dr. Kofkoff adequate room to properly place the implant. Silicone implants are pre-filled and require a larger incision for placement. This incision also provides access to pockets both above and below the muscle. The incision scar is hidden under the breast and will lighten as it heals.

Helping Your Breast Augmentation Scars Heal

Dr. Kofkoff will give you before and after care instructions to make sure your breast augmentation procedure and recovery go as smoothly as possible. He will also go over what you can expect before, during, and after your breast augmentation procedure. This information will should be very helpful in understanding exactly what you can do to help your incisions heal as well as possible.

There are quite a few things you can do to help aid your healing and minimize scarring. Being patient while your body heals naturally is important, as is wearing the right clothing during the healing process. Dr. Kofkoff will send you home with a special bra to wear for a few weeks during your recovery. This bra will maintain your comfort and keep the weight of your breasts from pulling on your incisions. You will not need to wear this bra once your incisions heal. Stretching or pulling on the incisions as they heal can lead to wider breast augmentation scars.

If you are a smoker, Dr. Kofkoff strongly recommends that you avoid smoking at least two weeks before and after your procedure. Smoking prevents your body from healing quickly by reducing blood flow to skin cells. The less you smoke, the better your scars will heal.

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