Breast Reduction with Breast Lift

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Breast reduction is often necessary to improve physical comfort. Overly-large, heavy, pendulous breasts can interfere with even the most basic of daily tasks and make exercising and more active lifestyle choices all but impossible.

Through breast reduction, board-certified St. Louis plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Kofkoff can help restore comfort while also improving clothing options and decreasing interference with more body-toning physical activities, but this procedure alone may not fully produce a youthful and lifted appearance to the bust.

If you live in the St. Louis area and are considering breast reduction, please contact Richard L. Kofkoff, MD, PC online or by calling our Chesterfield office at (636) 532-1717 today to schedule your initial consultation.

Combining Breast Surgeries

A common breast surgery combination is breast reduction with breast lift. This particular combination addresses a number of issues and can produce balanced and highly complementary contours. Combining breast lift with breast reduction may be able to:

  • Decrease the weight of the breasts
  • Improve physical comfort and abilities
  • Produce more symmetrical results
  • Address ptosis (sagging)
  • Create a youthful bust

It is not always necessary to combine breast reduction with breast lift, but so doing can produce remarkably pleasing results. During your initial consultation with Dr. Kofkoff it can best be determined if this particular combination is ideal for your desires and needs.

Why Choose Us

Dr. Kofkoff is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over two decades of experience helping women achieve beautiful, natural-looking, and complementary results through targeted breast surgery combinations. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your chest or if you find the weight and size of your breasts to be uncomfortable, Dr. Kofkoff would be honored to meet with you and discuss your options – and to help you choose if breast reduction and breast lift are the right choice for your body.

To schedule your initial consultation with our board-certified Chesterfield breast surgeon, please call (636) 532-1717 today.