Follow-up Care for Liposuction

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If you are like most patients, you will be anxious to get going and return to your previous activities after your liposuction procedure.  It is important, however, that you follow instructions and give your body a chance to heal. You will have invested much time and energy in improving your appearance and we want to make certain that you achieve the best results possible. Dr. Richard L. Kofkoff focuses much of his St. Louis, Missouri plastic surgery practice on performing liposuction and other procedures designed to restore contour and attractiveness to the body. He also prides himself on his clear and detailed communication with each of his patients to ensure that their procedure and recovery go as smoothly as possible.

The Recovery Process

Follow-up care for liposuction  requires your continued cooperation with Dr. Kofkoff and his staff as you work together to maximize the results of your procedure. For most patients, the following conditions are typical for the liposuction recovery process .

During the first several days after surgery, your swelling will reach its peak and discomfort will begin to subside. You will gradually be able to increase your level of activity and you may be able to return to work of a non-strenuous nature. You will also return for your first post-operative appointment with Dr. Kofkoff.

Over the next few weeks, your remaining swelling and discomfort should continue to subside and any remaining bruising will fade. Your energy and activity levels will continue to increase and you will feel more comfortable returning to normal exercise and activities. You will also no longer be required to wear a compression garment.

In the following months, swelling will dissipate completely and most areas in which you have experienced numbness will return to normal. You will have already begun adjusting to your new appearance and your new sense of self-assuredness.

A New You

After a full recovery from liposuction, you should experience a comfort with your new body and enjoy the enthusiastic reactions of friends and family. Most of all, you will be able to enjoy the long-awaited sense of self-esteem and pride in your appearance that has, until now, seemed to evade you for so long.

Dr. Kofkoff prides himself on the rapport he develops with his patients and considers it an honor to be chosen as their plastic surgeon. It is the goal of Dr. Kofkoff and the team at his St. Louis, Missouri plastic surgery practice to make each and every patient feel like a part of the team and to keep them involved in the entire process of their elected procedure.

To learn more about the many liposuction options available from Dr. Kofkoff, please contact our St. Louis, Missouri cosmetic surgery practice today to schedule an initial consultation.