Male Breast Reduction Candidates

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If you are a man living with overly-large breasts, you may be the perfect candidate for male breast reduction. This procedure addresses gynecomastia, a condition in which excess glandular tissue or fat deposits give a fuller and more feminine look to male chests. Using advanced surgical techniques, board-certified Chesterfield plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Kofkoff can address this common issue and restore a toned and masculine look more in line with the male physique.

If you are suffering from gynecomastia in Missouri, please contact Richard L. Kofkoff, MD, PC online or by calling our Chesterfield office at (636) 532-1717 today. Dr. Kofkoff welcomes patients from O’Fallon, St. Charles, and throughout the state.

Causes of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia may be caused by:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Weight gain
  • Certain prescription medications
  • Steroid use
  • Marijuana and alcohol
  • Various health conditions

If it is suspected that your gynecomastia is being caused by a medication, lifestyle choices, or inconsistent weight, Dr. Kofkoff may recommend making changes to daily routine in combination with surgical intervention. Maintaining your male breast reduction results will rely heavily on your willingness to commit to a clean and healthy lifestyle – considerations that will need to be made prior to your undergoing the procedure.

Ideal Male Breast Reduction Candidates

Male breast reduction candidates need to be committed to maintaining their results by maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition, to be a good candidate for this procedure, you will need to be:

  • In good physical and mental health
  • A nonsmoker or willing to quit well in advance of your procedure
  • Close to your ideal weight
  • Prepared for a surgical procedure
  • Willing to restrict certain activities during your recovery period
  • Able to follow all of Dr. Kofkoff’s pre and postoperative instructions

The best way to learn if you are a good candidate for male breast reduction is by discussing your concerns with Dr. Kofkoff.

If you are ready to regain a toned and masculine appearance, please contact our board-certified Missouri plastic surgeon to schedule a male breast reduction consultation today.