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Becoming a parent is one of the most joyous and rewarding experiences in life, but it is also extremely hard work. As a mother, you will need to constantly make sacrifices in order to make the needs of your children the top priority in your life. Often, this can result in neglecting important components of a healthy lifestyle such as nutrition, exercise and sleep. While these efforts and sacrifices are without a doubt worth making, they still take a toll on your body.

The long hours and hard work required of being a mother can also make it challenging to reverse many of the changes that occur to your body during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Many mothers have difficulty finding the time (or are simply too exhausted) to get to the gym or exercise at home, especially while children are very young. For those mothers who can find the time to exercise regularly, it is still common to experience the same challenges regaining their pre-pregnancy bodies.

If you've experienced these frustrations, a mommy makeover may be the perfect option to help you restore the figure you enjoyed prior to having children.

Every woman is impacted differently by pregnancy, which is why your mommy makeover must be truly customized to address your unique individual needs. Dr. Richard Kofkoff will discuss your desired results and make individualized treatment recommendations during an in-person consultation.

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Common Reasons Women Get Mommy Makeovers

Pregnancy stretches the skin around the waistline to accommodate for a growing baby. The abdominal muscles are also stretched and can separate down the midline of the abdominal wall. Breastfeeding may cause the breasts to sag and lose volume. Weight gained during pregnancy can often be difficult to lose after childbirth.

Women elect to have a mommy makeover in order to reverse these effects. Dr. Kofkoff will perform a combination of procedures in order to address the specific issues you are experiencing.

By combining these procedures into one larger treatment, you can achieve all of your goals while minimizing the amount of time spent undergoing surgery. This is not only the most cost effective way to address post-pregnancy body contouring goals, but it will also allow you to look and feel your best much quicker than if you spread these procedures out over the course of several months or years.

Benefits of a Mommy Makeover

You will experience a variety of benefits from your mommy makeover, including:

  • Restored breast fullness
  • Tightened abdominal muscles
  • Sculpted body
  • Elimination of excess skin around the waistline
  • Reduced appearance of sagging breasts
  • Enhanced natural curves
  • Improved appearance of stretch marks

When paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise, your mommy makeover results will be long lasting and help you feel confident in your appearance for years to come.

Am I a Mommy Makeover Candidate?

woman holding her child after a mommy makeover Ideal mommy makeover candidates should be in good overall health, close to your ideal body weight and have realistic expectations for the outcome of your procedure.

If you're planning on having more children, you should delay your procedure until you're done with this phase of your life since future pregnancies can reverse many of the results you achieve. It's also important that you are done breastfeeding prior to undergoing your mommy makeover.

A mommy makeover is a great option for women looking to restore confidence in their appearance. The procedure can help you address a variety of changes to your figure caused by pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, including:

  • Loose, deflated or sagging breasts
  • Asymmetrical breast appearance
  • Enlarged areola after pregnancy
  • Fatty deposits in the abdomen, hips, lower back or thighs
  • Bulging belly
  • Loose abdominal muscles
  • Stretch marks
  • Visible C-section scars

Your Customized Mommy Makeover Procedure

mommy makeover patient in St. Louis Depending on your unique needs and goals, Dr. Kofkoff may recommend a combination of the following procedures as part of your mommy makeover:

  • Breast augmentation to restore lost breast volume and improve the size and/or shape of your breasts
  • Breast lift to correct sagging issues and restore a more youthful breast appearance
  • Liposuction to remove deposits of excess fat that often occur due to pregnancy weight gain
  • Tummy tuck to tighten abdominal muscles, remove excess skin and fat from the abdominal region, reduce stretch marks, restore contour to the waist and tone to the tummy

Because many women experience the early signs of facial aging during the first few years of motherhood, Dr. Kofkoff may also recommend dermal fillers or BOTOX® Cosmetic in combination with your mommy makeover. These nonsurgical facial rejuvenation treatments soften skin, eliminate wrinkles, and produce a younger and more rested appearance – making them ideal for new and experienced mothers alike.

To learn more, please read our Questions about Mommy Makeovers page.

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