Questions About Breast Lifts

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What is a Breast Lift?

A Missouri breast lift is a breast surgery procedure designed to enhance the appearance of sagging breasts. St. Louis breast surgeon Dr. Kofkoff removes the excess skin on the breasts and repositions the areolas higher on the breasts for a more pleasing, youthful appearance. Removing the excess skin from the breasts creates a fuller, shapelier and more attractive breasts.

Where will the incisions be placed for my Breast Lift?

The placement of the incisions for a breast lift on your personal goals and your unique anatomy. A small incision of the upper part of the areola may be used when a minimal adjustment in position is needed. More commonly, a breast lift utilizes an incision around the areola. This can help to reduce the size of the areola as well as provide lifting. A breast that has more sagging may also require an incision that extends from the areola to the fold under the breast. Rarely is an incision within the crease under the breast required. In all cases, St. Louis breast surgeon Dr. Kofkoff will use the shortest incision possible to achieve the desired results.

What are the benefits of a Missouri Breast Lift?

In addition to improved self-confidence, a breast lift procedure provides shapelier breasts that give you a younger-looking physique. Your clothes will fit better and you may find you feel younger and refreshed overall.

Will a Breast Lift increase the size of my breasts?

A breast lift is designed to improved the shape of the breasts and reduce the amount of excess skin that causes the breasts to sag. A breast lift will not increase the size of the breasts. Your bustline may look fuller after a breast lift because the breasts are higher on the chest and there is less skin for the breast tissue to fill.

Breast augmentation increases the size of the breasts by using breast implants. There are many choices for the size, shape, texture, and type of breast implants. You can discuss combining a breast lift with breast augmentation during a consultation with Dr. Kofkoff. Combining these two breast surgery procedures is a great option for women who wish to reduce the sagging appearance of their breasts and add more volume.

During your consultation, Dr. Kofkoff will listen to your goals and help you decide which breast surgery option is right for you. IF you have more questions about breast lifts in Missouri, or if you'd like to schedule your confidential breast surgery consultation with St. Louis breast surgeon Dr. Kofkoff, please contact the plastic surgery office of Richard L. Kofkoff, M.D. today.