Questions About Breast Surgery Correction

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What is breast surgery correction?

Breast surgery correction is performed to improve the appearance of previous breast surgery procedures that have either produced unsatisfactory results or have produced complications.

St. Louis breast surgeon, Dr. Richard Kofkoff , is committed to providing his patients with the utmost care and attention while achieving your desired results. He has the necessary knowledge to correct problems and issues that have arisen from previous breast surgery procedures.

Why do women have breast surgery correction?

There are many reasons women may want to have breast surgery correction. Some women are not happy with the size of their breast implants and feel they are either too large or too small. Other women may experience from complications following their surgery or have results they are unhappy with.

What are the possible complications that may require breast surgery correction?

Complications following breast surgery are not typical.  However, some of the complications that may occur and require breast surgery correction are:

  • Capsular contracture
  • Breast implants that deflate
  • Breast implants that have wrinkled
  • Breast implants that have settled in an unattractive position
  • The position of the breast implant is not desirable

Whatever the reason women choose to have breast surgery correction, Dr. Kofkoff has the experience and skill necessary to give his St. Louis breast surgery patients the care and results they desire to feel comfortable and confident again.

What should I do if I want breast surgery correction?

If you are interested in breast surgery correction, it is a good idea to schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Kofkoff. During your consultation, Dr. Kofkoff will take the time to listen to why you are considering breast surgery correction and answer all of your questions. He will discuss with you what your options are and how he can help.

If you are interested in breast surgery correction and are in the St. Louis area, please contact Dr. Kofkoff at his breast surgery office today to schedule a confidential consultation.