Questions About Rapid Recovery Breast Surgery

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What is rapid recovery breast surgery?

St. Louis breast surgeon, Dr. Richard Kofkoff, provides his patients with rapid recovery breast surgery to help reduce the time needed for recovery and to maximize comfort following surgery. Rapid recovery breast surgery uses medications prior to the surgery that decrease muscle soreness and possible discomfort after surgery. This breast surgery technique is performed in a precise and gentle manner that minimizes inflammation and bleeding during recovery that can otherwise lengthen the recovery time.  Movement of the arms is begun immediately after surgery to speed your return to normal activities.

What are the benefits to rapid recovery breast surgery?

The benefits of rapid recovery breast surgery are considerable. In addition to being able to return to your non-strenuous daily activities within about 24 hours following surgery, benefits include:

  • Little or no bruising
  • Less need for strong pain management medications during recovery
  • Easier to fit your desired breast surgery into your hectic schedule
  • The recovery after breast surgery is quicker and more comfortable
  • There may be no need to wear a surgical bra during recovery
  • Mothers can care for their children sooner after surgery

Why should I have rapid recovery breast surgery?

Several women who want breast surgery put off the procedure because they believe they don’t have the time needed for recovery. Most women have busy schedules that include a job outside the home, taking care of children, and maintaining a home. Many work schedules cannot accommodate the time needed for recovery and children require the attention and care of their mothers. The rapid recovery technique helps women return to work and their other responsibilities quicker than they  normally could without rapid recovery breast surgery.

Who chooses to have the rapid recovery breast surgery technique?

The rapid recovery breast surgery technique is suitable for all women. The technique was designed to increase women’s comfort, speed up recovery while still getting great results, and help women return to their daily activities sooner.

Women who have busy schedules or who have children can finally have the breast surgery they desire because the recovery time will be greatly reduced. Women who have the rapid recovery technique can return to their daily lives much sooner than they would be able to with other techniques.

This technique is not just for busy women and mothers. Any woman who wishes to have breast surgery with a shorter recovery that provides the same great results as other techniques may choose the rapid recovery technique.

If you will be in the St. Louis area and would like to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss rapid recovery breast surgery, please contact Dr. Kofkoff’s breast surgery office today. Dr. Kofkoff will listen to your goals for your breast surgery and answer all of your questions.