St. Louis Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure

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A full tummy tuck will focus on the entire midsection and can be used to contour and ideally sculpt the stomach, hips, and waist. This type of tummy tuck surgery is ideal for men and women who have significant amounts of loose or sagging skin throughout the midsection of the body.

A mini tummy tuck focuses on the area from the waist to just below the belly button. Like full tummy tuck procedures, the mini variation is used to remove excess skin and stubborn deposits of fat. However, the scope of the mini tummy tuck is narrower, which makes this particular technique better for slimmer individuals or those who only need to address the lower abdominal area.

If you live in or around St. Louis, Missouri and would like to learn if mini tummy tuck surgery can help you reach your goals, please contact Richard L. Kofkoff, MD, PC online or call 636-532-1717 today to schedule a body contouring evaluation

What to Expect with Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery

Mini tummy tuck surgery requires a much smaller incision than alternative techniques. This can help reduce surgical time, potential complications, and down time following your procedure. The smaller incisions help reduce post-operative scarring as well, but still give Dr. Kofkoff sufficient access to abdominal muscles, enabling him to provide optimal tightening.

If you have excess fat deposits, Dr. Kofkoff may use liposuction during your mini tummy tuck. This will allow for your skin to be tightened over muscles, producing a sleeker and more appealing end result. What will be required for your procedure can be discussed in more detail during your St. Louis tummy tuck consultation.

Dr. Kofkoff is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over two decades of experience. If you are at all unhappy with the appearance of your body, please contact our board-certified St. Louis tummy tuck surgeon to schedule a consultation and learn more about your options.