Why You Should See a Plastic Surgeon for Your St. Louis BOTOX Cosmetic Treatment

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If you are considering BOTOX® Cosmetic in St. Louis, you may be surprised at how many different locations you can find people who offer this treatment. It is important to remember that lots of options are not the same as optimal results. Choosing the wrong provider for your Missouri BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment can result in unexpected side-effects and may fail to provide you with the aesthetic improvements you are looking for.

Many spas and salons in St. Louis offer BOTOX® Cosmetic injections. At these locations, treatments are administered by estheticians, many of whom have very little experience or training. While BOTOX® Cosmetic is considered safe, improperly injected or poorly performed treatments can result in swelling, redness, and unpleasant aesthetic results. To reduce risks and help ensure pleasing results, it is best to have your BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment performed by a board-certified Missouri plastic surgeon.

If you are interested in BOTOX® Cosmetic and live in or around St. Louis, Missouri, please contact Richard L. Kofkoff, MD, PC or call 636-532-1717 today to schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon.

About Dr. Kofkoff

Missouri plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Kofkoff is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Kofkoff is also a member of many regional and national associations including the Missouri Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and the St. Louis Area Society of Plastic Surgeons. However, it his dedication to our patients that helps set him apart.

In practice for over 20 years, Dr. Kofkoff takes great pride in providing each patient he sees with the safest, most effective, and most rewarding treatments available today. When you choose Dr. Kofkoff for your St. Louis BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment, you are selecting a surgeon who focuses on aesthetic procedures and who has the experience and dedication to help ensure ideal results.

To learn more about BOTOX® Cosmetic and other nonsurgical facial rejuvenation options in St. Louis, please contact our board-certified Missouri plastic surgeon today.